Joomla provides every tool that users need to manage, update, and publish content. Additionally, the platform allows you to build any type of website, be it for a personal or business project. The first step is to create a MySQL database.

I was able to customize my test website and created a visually stunning online presence. These gave me the freedom to unleash my creativity and design a website that truly stands out. Flexibility and extensibility are key strengths of Joomla. I was able to integrate third-party extensions and plugins to enhance the functionality of my test website. The media manager is a great asset for organizing and managing my test site media files and folders.

Joomla’s pricing

Many Web hosting services offer a single-click install, getting your new site up and running in just a few minutes. Read accesses are not accelerated by this, but we expect a significant improvement in write access. Everything that relates to CSS/template in any way is planned to be moved from the core layouts to Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia serves as a Bootstrap-based parent template and can then be customised via child templates. This makes it possible to build additional parent templates based on other frameworks like Tailwind or UIKit.

When you add users, they can have full access to your site or merely editor permissions. You can also view your user list and delete anyone who is no longer in your organization. Since Joomla is so easy to use, as a Web designer or developer, you can quickly build sites for your clients. You will need a working installation of Joomla!


There are various Jooomla hosting services available. Joomla is designed to be used by people who have basic website creation skills and requires an Apache–MySQL–PHP server like LAMP or WAMP. Commercially based web hosting services may include control panels for automatically installing Joomla for their customers. Joomla may be used to create localhosted-web applications that run on a range of AMP servers. Some companies and organisations have requirements that go beyond what is available in the Joomla!

You can create all kinds of websites with Joomla, like forums, portfolios, online stores, business websites, online magazines, and personal websites. Often you’ll need the appropriate extensions for the best results. There are over 5,000 extensions available, covering over 30 different categories. To access and download these backups, log into the hPanel, go to Files and click Backups. It will present two backup options – MySQL database and website files.

Getting Help in the Joomla! Forums

We will cover how to install Joomla on your server and give you an overview of its functionality. With a codebase designed to be robust, Joomla also features built in two-factor authentication and extensive access control levels out of the box. Joomla‘s dedicated Security Strike Team always strives to be ahead of the curve and has a reputation for releasing patches before exploits are widely known in the wild.

What is Joomla software

But our editorial integrity ensures our experts’ opinions aren’t influenced by compensation. Terms may apply to offers listed on this page. Please make certain you search the Forum post first before posting a question. Nine times out of ten someone else had the same issue that you had.

What Can You Do with Joomla?

When it comes to content and structure flexibility, Joomla offers an intuitive editing experience that resembles working with a Word document. This user-friendly approach can make it easier for you to update and manage your website’s content without feeling overwhelmed. In addition to these interactive support channels, Joomla offers a comprehensive user guide and documentation. The user guide covers various topics, including installation, configuration, customization, and advanced features of the Joomla platform. It serves as a valuable resource for users seeking self-help and step-by-step instructions on using Joomla effectively. Joomla provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to create, edit, and organize content, manage users and permissions, and customize the website’s appearance.

  • Let’s be honest, every two years having a new, major release sounds scary.
  • If your clients need specialized functionality, Joomla is highly extensible and thousands of extensions are available in the Joomla Extensions Directory.
  • Joomla is also available in a wide array of languages.
  • Joomla is not only a CMS, but also a stable and lightweight PHP framework which allows you to write web and command line applications in PHP.
  • In Joomla, your entire website’s look, feel, and functionality are entirely dependent on so-called templates.

Joomla is a platform which is based on PHP and MySQL. Joomla also supports third-party extensions and templates, which allow us to make further customization to meet specific requirements. It is open to anyone who wants to develop the extensions and templates. Forums play a crucial role in the Joomla support ecosystem. Joomla’s official forum allows you to post your queries, seek advice, and receive answers from the community.

Applications of Joomla

It serves as a platform for users to share their knowledge, troubleshoot issues collectively, and discover solutions to common problems. The forum is often monitored by knowledgeable individuals who actively participate in resolving user queries. Also, Joomla organizes events that bring together the Joomla community, including developers, designers, and users. These events offer an opportunity to network, learn, and get hands-on experience with the platform. Attending these events can be beneficial for users seeking support and guidance, as they can interact with experienced individuals who can provide valuable insights and solutions.

What is Joomla software

Her work has appeared on sites such as Selz, The Cheat Sheet, and Swaay. When she’s not working with her awesome clients, Rose enjoys cooking, playing games and curling up with a good book. There are so few opportunities to really make the site yours, and that lack of easy customization just seems out of place for the times. Back in 2001, Joomla was really something, but we need more from our sites and our builders these places. This is where Joomla really shines, as it costs zero dollars and zero cents, thanks to its open-source nature.


Development, is the best place for you to start. There you’ll find tons of information on Joomla, the APIs and much more. Also more documentation is available on Choosing a user type will help you find the appropriate resources on the wiki.